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The Suspendables

Suspendables PVC Badge Patch

Suspendables PVC Badge Patch

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You asked, we answered. The Suspendables Badge, always worn "eagle down," is now available in patch form! Stick it on your vest. Stick it on your back pack. Stick it wherever it will stick! These are hook and loop backed (velcro for you non-military types) and available in four color ways: the original white & black, flat dark earth & black, olive drab & black, and black & dark gray. Buy 3, get 1 free.


Like the pins, In order to keep shipping free, especially since these are buy three, get one free, they are shipped first class; not ground advantage or one of the other options that provide a shipping number. So they are essentially shipped like a letter, which you don't ever receive a shipping number for. A few people have sent nasty emails demanding tracking numbers after placing a pin order. That is not what being a Suspendable is and we all are worse off that those orders had shipped before we could have canceled them. That is not the type of person who will ever be a Suspendable. So be wary, there are already some frauds out there.

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